May Apartments Now Licensed for Assisted Living

The apartments in the May Wing of Rose Schnitzer Manor are now licensed for assisted living. Come and take a look!

Rose Schnitzer Manor is surrounded by beautiful gardens, courtyards, and a backyard urban forest complete with a paved, wheel-chair accessible trail. The apartment selection in the May Wing includes 2-bedroom, and large and small 1-bedroom apartments with kitchenettes, full-size refrigerators, ample closet space, and accessible showers.

2-Bedroom Apartment

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1-Bedroom Apartments

Large – 672 square feet

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Small – 480 square feet

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From the CEO’s Desk

When I walk through Albertson’s and see members of our community, they frequently say two things to me after they’ve said hello. First, they put up a hand and say, “I don’t need you yet,” to which I reply, “We still need you…. as a friend and a volunteer.” The second thing is a question, “How are things at the Home?” While I’m very happy to talk about the Robison Jewish Health Center, which is commonly referred to as, “The Home,” I’m pleased also to share with friends the many other things that Cedar Sinai Park does to benefit the elders and people with special needs in our community.

In fact, we’ve come a long way from being, “The Home.” Cedar Sinai Park has developed into an active continuum of services to meet the needs of elders and adults with special needs in a way that helps people to live and be well in whatever setting they wish to call home. As you think of our organization, you can think of a number of things. First of course, a strong campus in SW Portland where the highest quality of assisted living, adult day services, residential care and, yes, nursing home services are available in a context that is deeply rooted in Jewish culture, religion and practice.

Off our campus, you will see our sister agency, Sinai Family Home Services, providing home care to allow people to remain in their own houses and apartments for as long as they can. While the clients served by this partnership between Cedar Sinai Park and Jewish Family & Child Service represent a broader constituency that goes beyond the Jewish community, we are proud that the staff of this organization are trained to understand Jewish values and can operate in Jewish homes with cultural sensitivity.

In addition, the Rose Schnitzer Tower, our Section 8 affordable housing apartment building in downtown Portland, provides over 230 apartments to a wide variety of elders and adults with special needs, some of whom are Jewish and many who are not. While we expect the number of Jewish residents to grow as the need occurs, we are pleased also that this facility and the others that we may purchase in the future add value to the greater Portland community as we act on the Jewish value of Tikkum Olam, “Healing the world.” As we take on the responsibility for affordable housing, we will soon be moving forward with efforts to enhance services to the low-income residents of these buildings in order to help them successfully age in place and to reduce their need for high cost and less desirable institutional services.

At the heart of developing our continuum of care, we will continue to find two values that are consistently expressed. The first is that people have a right to be as independent as possible and to make choices whenever they can about how and where they will live. The second is that we, as a Jewish community organization, can conduct ourselves with values that adhere to our long history and Jewish tradition while responding to people with a person-centered approach. As we grow both on and off of our campus, we will continue to see greater diversity among those we serve in terms of their needs and backgrounds and a greater creativity in how we provide our services.

Someday, when I walk through Albertson’s, I suppose I’ll be hearing people ask me, “How are things going for the elders in our community?” rather than, “How are things going at the Home?”  I look forward to running into you there.

– by David Fuks,
CSP Chief Executive Officer

Railroad Excursion

Rose Schnitzer Manor Residents recently took an all-day trip on the Mt. Hood Railroad located in the heart of the Columbia Gorge. They traveled along the river, through forests, meadows and numerous fruit orchards to the town of Parkdale, where they enjoyed a yummy picnic-style lunch.

Unfortunately, the Oregon rain prevented them from exploring the town, but they made the best of it and chatted and shared stories in their coach car dating from the early 1900’s. The Residents and Staff had a fun day and are looking forward to hitting the rails again soon. Check out some of the pictures!

Pictured (L-R): Lenore Selling, Martin Neuwelt, Joan Nelson, Natalie Stone, Annette Gerard, Rocky Robinson, Harvey Keller

Pictured (L-R): Martin Neuwelt, Elizabeth Moore, David Rosen

Pictured (L-R): Betty Leonard and Joan Nelson

CSP Nominated for Using Tech for Good

Cedar Sinai Park was nominated for this year’s Portland TweetsGiving celebration which recognizes local organizations that are using technology for good.  The nomination recognized CSP’s use of Skype to help residents connect with family and friends across the country.  Cedar Sinai Park’s full nomination can be viewed at the PDXTech4Good website.

Many Rose Schnitzer Manor’s independent & assisted living residents move from another state to be closer to their children.  This often means they’ve had to leave behind several friends and family members.  But RSM residents have found a solution — Skype, the online voice and video communication application.

Residents are using Skype to stay connected with family and friends who are spread out across the country.  The combination of voice and video calling has helped them stay in touch. One resident shares her experience with Skype:

“Just the other day, my granddaughters were showing me what they had painted using watercolor pencils.  I was so proud they were following in grandma’s footsteps.  It was almost as good as seeing them in person.”

Each Monday, a group of residents from CSP’s assisted living facility attend an on-campus computer class where they gain lessons on using Skype and other online tools.  The lab is equip with a webcam and a Skype-enabled workstation.  Activities staff provides multi-level support ranging from helping resident set up thier Skype account to teaching basic computer skills.

Caregivers Awarded for Training

Twenty one caregivers from Cedar Sinai Park’s assisted living facility, Rose Schnitzer Manor, will receive recognition awards on September 17th for their completion of over 340 hours of training. Caregivers received college credit for their training in over 27 different subject areas ranging from body mechanics and behavioral conditions to medication and fall prevention.

“It is an incredible training program,” said David Kohnstamm, Rose Schnitzer Manor Director. “With this work based learning model, caregivers have access to ongoing education that supports continued growth. In the end, our caregivers are better skilled and are happier, and their success ultimately helps us to provide better care to our residents.”

The majority of training sessions were held on the campus of Cedar Sinai Park, and three days of train-the-trainer sessions were held at Portland Community College. All work based learning courses were free to caregivers. Training costs were covered by Cedar Sinai Park, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Hitachi Foundation, and Portland Community College.

The caregivers’ award presentation will take place in Zidell Hall at Rose Schnitzer Manor from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. Caregivers’ certificates will be signed by executives of Cedar Sinai Park, The Alliance of Seniors and Health Services, Oregon Health Care Association, and Portland Community College.
Rose Schnitzer Manor’s work based learning program is an innovative practice among long-term care employers, as evidenced by recognition from the state earlier this year.

In April, Rose Schnitzer Manor received an award and special recognition for its work based learning program from Oregon’s Department of Seniors and People with Disabilities. This special recognition was awarded to the top three applicants in the state for an Innovative Practice Program in the area of Workforce Recruitment and Retention.

Rose Schnitzer Manor’s work based learning program is affiliated with Jobs to Careers, a national initiative that seeks to advance and reward the skill and career development of low-wage incumbent workers providing care and services on the front lines of our health and health care systems. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Hitachi Foundation through the national program office of Jobs for the Future, this educational training program in partnership with Portland Community College has been a three year program of effort supported by Cedar Sinai Park’s Rose Schnitzer Manor Assisted Living.

Project evaluation is being completed by both the University of North Carolina Institute on Aging and Portland State University Institute on Aging.

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